“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” I won’t be the right realtor for all jobs or all people. Simple. We all have our own beliefs and core values, and will do business among other things better with those who share the same. To those who are not strong personalities themselves, who are a little lacking in self confidence who are close minded or have preconceived ideas about real estate or the market, we may not, make that probably will not, get along. So thanks, but no thanks. My business relies on happy customers. And I want your referral business. More importantly, I want you to enthusiastically RECOMMEND ME!!! And you will only want to do that if you are really happy with the service and results I provide you with. So we need to be clear on what you are trying to accomplish and in what time frame! Choosing a realtor is a very important decision, like in any profession, we are not all equal……each of us has a unique background which may influence our expertise as a realtor. Our knowledge of products, or our knowledge as negotiators among other things. And our personalities also will influence how well we interact with our partners in this transaction whether it be the sellers, the buyers, the other parties, agent, the building inspectors, property managers, tenants etc. It is a team effort and we must be someone who does not alienate or quite frankly piss anyone off. And all of us have people who we turn to for advice or will give it to us anyway no matter what we may be considering…from our choice at lunch to the car we buy or the real estate we choose to of course, the realtor we choose. So tell me and have present your chief influencer in your life….and let’s find out everyone’s key concerns about the realtor they think will be the right one for the job and interview more than one!!! Give them all a fair shake to not only answer your questions but to explain some vital issues that you may not have thought to ask!! Depending on whether you are buying or selling or both…… All of which could determine how much money is left in your pocket!! Or taken out!! My purpose is to help you achieve your real estate goals, so we will want to spend time to determine exactly what these are at the outset. And I will prompt you with questions to make sure you have clear in your mind what the ramifications of all this means. And we want to make it easy on you, and we all need to enjoy the process….heck we want to have fun at the same time….which is why it is important we fit well….we need to be able to laugh…it is good for the soul and for our health. So if you think we may be a good fit…give me a call and we will spend a little time exploring that option…no obligation …and at the least we will each have learned something about ourselves. So who am I? A realtor since 1989 with experience in pre sale, re sale, assignments, first time buyers, move up buyers, sellers, investors. What have I learned doing this? All have different end goals and I have learned what is important in each type of transaction. And we will discuss these and determine if there are any other secondary goals. Depending on the type of real estate transaction you are going for, you may need a realtor with some complimentary skill sets or talents. A knowledge of accounting, architecture, building, decorating, to name a few. You may need someone with intimate knowledge of a particular neighbourhood, whether the emphasis is on transportation, schooling or recreation for example. How well liked and respected are realtors among their colleagues? This can influence a deal more than the general public may realize!! Unfortunate, but human nature….and we can’t fight human nature.


How do you define it?    For me, it is residual income, and the free time to do whatever puts a smile on my face!

I find myself, after 25 years in real estate, it the same position most people who have done a job (just over broke).  

Asset rich and cash flow,  not so much!

At least not enough to be able to do whatever I want, whenever I want to.  Secondly, I want to be have something to share with others to have a sense of contributing back .

Real estate has been great and I am most grateful to my many clients and especially my repeat clients over my career.  At this time of my life, I do not want to be chasing yet another listing or looking for another buyer.  I want residual income.... like musicians make or authors!

I have no musical or writing talent so what to do.  I thought another revenue property would do it.  That would require a large down payment, depleting my emergency fund and then the rental income would just cover the expense of the mortgage, property taxes and R&M.  No extra cash flow to give me a nice income in retirement.

Thanks to a chance conversation I was introduced to a company which offers a business opportunity to create a residual income which is transferrable upon death doing something I love,  helping others become successful as well.  Of course, there is a product which is patented and in category creating areas of health and wellness and anti-aging.  So I fit the demographic!

So with gratitude to my clients and colleagues, I say farwell to my real estate career and hello to better health and a better future!  I am looking for likeminded people who want to join me in this new venture to financial and time freedom, with a side helping of feeling great to enjoy it all.

Give me a call if you are interested in learning more!

                                                       Judy Lakos Cell: 604.657.9945



                           "Helping people realizing their financial and time freedom dreams while improving their health and wellness." 

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